Welcome to MY Stamp Story.

I’m a lover of STORIES. I am always fascinated & love to hear how people get started with their creative journey.  Yes I LOVE stamping but for me it’s more than just Paper, Inks & Stamps. It’s about creating opportunities to gather, share in creativity, unwind & everyone to share their story. BUT before I share my getting started story… Why Stamping and Why Stampin’ Up! (SU)?

I joined Stampin’ Up! in 2006 when SU first came to Australia, I fell in love with the Colour Coordination and the quality of the products which I knew would allow me to create beautiful and professional looking projects.  I couldn’t believe it as my thoughts of stamping prior to this was that it was very old fashioned.

I laugh about it now as I had never even picked up a stamp but in no time I was amazed at how diverse but easy stamping could be and and the abundance of projects one could create. I couldn’t help but share this and in a very short time I realised how much I loved teaching, especially techniques and helping people design their individual projects.  

My excitement was addictive so it seems.  Before long I had a team of other passionate stampers and Awesome Stampers unfolded. 

My Stamping Story has evolved into 1 day events, 3 night retreats and fundraising events for worthwhile causes which is an amazing experience, especially when you can make a difference by sharing what you love. 

I love a chat so if you are interested in having me create a workshop for you and your girlfriends, have a project in mind or would simply like to learn more about stamping, classes or events, please give me a call.

So back to my getting started story…..It all began in March 2006. My 2 daughters and one of the girls friends attended a Papercraft Festival. I was into scrapbooking as many were. It was the biggest growth industry at the time. 

I vividly recall my oldest daughter, Alex coming up to me and showing me a note card she had just made at one of the stands. When I saw my youngest’s attempt I actually didn’t believe she had made it. It was gorgeous and she was only quite young.  I vividly remember saying “no way, you didn’t make that!”. 

The two girls led me to the Stampin’ Up Stand and I was in awe of the beautiful professional looking cards on display.  I recall sitting down to a table with a few pieces of white card, 3 coloured ink pads and a set of stamps called ‘Little Pieces’.  As soon as the stamps touched the paper I was hooked. The images were so crisp and beautiful and you could control the placement or composition thus enabling many different looks. And yes I still have that first stamp set I stamped with! 

Later in the day my youngest, Natalie 8,  was bored so she asked if she could fill in a lucky door prize ticket.  She showed me what she was doing and I giggled at how, if her entry ever got pulled out, they might not be able to read it.  One of the last prizes of the day was a huge basket of Stampin’ Up! Products.  We didn’t win and that was ok. But just before we were leaving there was an annoucement that another SU basket was going to be given away. 

They called out the name on the lucky ticket…Natalie Lantern, Natalie Lantern…… Nobody came forward so I went over and asked to see the ticket and Yes, it was Natalie’s ticket. I can’t believe how vivid that story still is. We felt so lucky.  The basket was huge, filled with all sorts of goodies. 

Alex my eldest was into stamping so was over the moon. She poured over the catalogue. She had an eye for a good thing and could see the value in the stamps compared to what she had been using.  She encouraged me to go to the opportunity night at the Sheraton and I’m so glad she did.